Being backpackers we quickly realised we needed to take advantage of freebies; so when we were told about the hostels weekly trip to Bondi Beach with a BBQ and ‘goon’ included we obviously went along!

We were met outside the hostel by an old mini bus blasting out music, filled with people from all over the world and were handed a plastic cup of goon.

Due to recent weather damage the usual BBQ spot was out of use and were instead given pizza! Sat on the hill overlooking Bondi Beach, illegally drinking and eating dominos pizza I knew I was going to love Australia.

A couple of days later we followed the cobbled streets of ‘The Rocks’ to find the markets just minutes away from Circular Quay.

After refraining from buying all the souvenirs we went to the food stalls where we had corn on the cob and tried out some Kangaroo and Octopus kebabs!

We went on to learn a little bit more about our new home in the Rocks Discovery Museum – where we discovered just how much younger Australia is than the UK.