One of my favourite memories from our first week in Australia… the blue mountains!

After a very early morning and checking out of our hostel we dumped our bags in storage and walked to the pick up point. As other tour buses for the blue mountains came and went we started wondering if we’d been forgotten; having only just booked the tour the day before. But just as we went to ring the company the tour guide called our names and away we went.

On route to the mountains we had an hour stop at Featherdale Wildlife Park (our first time seeing Koalas, Kangaroos, Dingos and basically any native Australian animal you can think of!) and not only did we see them but we were allowed to touch and feed the Roos and Koalas!

We got back on the bus at 10am and I’d already declared it as the best day of my life. (I’ve since discovered that wildlife parks and kangaroos are everywhere in aus).

An hour later and we arrived at the start of our tour of the Blue Mountains.

We started with a walk down through our first tropical rainforest to the famous rock formation known as the three sisters. Pictures don’t do this view justice, especially because the blue haze from the eucalyptus trees isn’t really noticeable.

Our guide told us an ‘Aboriginal Story’ about the three sisters and used real aboriginal techniques to give as tribal face paint.

We had lunch at a nearby Hostel and then went on another bush walk to see a waterfall and more impressive views of the hazy blue mountains.

(NB – don’t wear shorts up a mountain!)

After a long, exciting day we were happy for the two hour coach drive  back to the city.