No photos I took of this walk could do it justice, but here’s a few I’ve taken.

To begin, walk up the hill and take in the view of Coogee Beach. I loved the little line of rowing boats and how empty the beach was in winter.

Now follow the path, or carefully go along the cliff edge, always making sure you look out to sea as there are normally whales all the way along (in Whale season).

After going around Clovelley Beach (a great stop for a swim and snorkel) and admiring the stunning views of Waverley Cemetery (‘the most scenic burial ground in the world’!) you get to Bronte, from the top of the coast you can look down and watch the surfers catch some waves, and admire the view of another popular Sydney beach.

Now carry on round to Tamarama Beach, the other beach that occasionally gets a mention on Bondi Rescue. From here it’s just little bit longer, through the ‘sculpture by the sea’ walk until you earn the well deserved view of Bondi Beach! Time to admire the wall murals, go for a swim, have a snooze and relax!

We were crazy enough to walk back to Coogee (about 12km of walking in total) by this point my shoes had given me blisters and the sun was setting as we reached the hill overlooking Coogee.