Having arrived near the start of Whale season we were eager to go to the ocean to watch whales heading up the coast.

We booked a trip and headed out of Circular Quay. My excitement was high as we cruised between the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, heading out into the Pacific Ocean.

Within 10 minutes of getting out to sea we were witnessing Humpbacks in the wild for the first time in our lives. Lucky for us the whales were being playful and entertaining us with breeches, pec slaps and tail slaps.

As well as seeing an impressive display of Whale behaviour we had a pod of dolphins playing around the boat, even following along side us for a while.

We knew we’d been lucky with the amount of Whale activity on the trip as even the staff on the boat had their phones and cameras out, recording and photographing the whales in action.

After about 2 hours of whatching these impressive mammals we headed back to the city.