The first stop on our journey up the East Coast was Port MacQuarie; a less known location between Sydney and Byron Bay.

A 6 hour coach journey from Sydney got us to the hostel (Ozzie Pozzie) at around midnight, after a bit of a treasure hunt we found our keys outside the closed reception and found our room for the next 3 nights.

The next morning we decided to walk around the area and get familiar with the surroundings. Just a short walk from the hostel and we were at a beach. We kept walking and kept discovering beach after beach.

We decided to go to the koala hospital that was recommended to us. A free sanctuary with a tour talking about why Koalas are endangered. Whilst we were here we looked around Roto House – a family house built in 1891.

The Koalas were cute even though the majority of them were blind/partially sighted from chlamydia. There was even one which had one of its hind legs amputated (possibly the only 3 legged koala in Australia!)

After we’d got back to the hostel we were told that every night a massive colony of bats all migrated at sunset so we went to take a look. We got there a bit early so walked around, watching as more and more bats became active, getting ready for their flight.

We found a bench in a cemetery just outside the trees; a perfect location to watch this natural phenomenon. And then it started. Thousands of bats began flying across our heads from all directions heading out over the building, basically blocking the sky from view. It was funny watching the locals go about there evening, oblivious to the daily flight.