There was a poster in the hostel offering bike hire for the full day for just $5 each. We decided to give it a go and follow the coast to the well know Port MacQuire Lighthouse.

After setting off on our gearless, brakeless bikes we realised that there were a lot more hills than me anticipated. We wanted to ride along the side of the beach as much as possible so followed a foot path to the beach.

Unfortunately for us there was only sand, so we ended up pushing our bikes for a lot of our trip. Pushing up through rainforest paths and across rock pools we realised we may have made a mistake so headed back to the road. When we eventually got to the lighthouse we had spent far too long on our 9k journey.

After admiring the lighthouse, looking out across the long stretch of beach and a bit of Whale spotting we decided we needed some food and drink before making the return trip. So to the beach front we headed for burgers, drinks and a well deserved ice cream.

The journey back to the hostel took less than half the time and half the sweat and was almost enjoyable!

That evening we stayed in the hostel because it was pizza and goon night! We eventually got talking to a couple of aussies who worked at the hostel and some how ended up having all of the alcohol and playing drinking games. Unfortunately the goon ran out and the bottle shops were shut so we resorted to drinking shots of rum until we got kicked out of the social area at 10pm.