Next on the list was Coffs Harbour; another town often bypassed on people’s East Coast trips.

Hoey Moey was the hostel we stayed at for the 2 night’s we were there, a working hostel just a 1 minute walk from the beach.

As the temperature had started to improve since Sydney we decided to spend the first day walking along the beaches and trying to get a bit of a tan. Although for us the weather was hot enough for a beach day clearly no one else felt the same as we had the stretch of sand pretty much to ourselves.

As well as being in a good location the hostel had a bar/restaurant and bottle shop on site which meant that for our first night we went back to the room (we had the whole room to ourselves) and played card games while drinking the cheapest goon we could get our hands on.

The next morning after doing some laundry I stepped out of the room and instantly noticed a reptile literally right in front of me, I could just see its head and thought it was a snake but as it crawled out from under the brick work I saw its legs and it was just a big blue toungue lizard.

After that excitement we decided to walk to find the ‘big banana’ which had been mentioned a few times. A bit of a distance down the beach and we were almost there.

The ‘Big Banana’ was a water park/gift shop with a statue of a big banana which was a popular attraction in itself. We didn’t go to the water park but did get a photo with the banana. Australia seems to have a lot of weird big statues of things; since we’ve been here we’ve seen a banana, a kangaroo, a boot and a dog.

That night we went to the Harbour and had burgers (we have had a ridiculous amount of burgers since we’ve been here!) and then had an early night ready for our 4am wake up ready for Surf Camp!!!