A quick 15 minute journey on the Greyhound coach got us to Spot X surf camp at around 5am.

We arrived in our shipping container dorm where we would be sleeping for 5 nights and tried to squeeze in a couple hours of sleep before our first ever surf lesson!

At 9am we had our orientation and tour of the camp before our 10am lesson. After finding a wetsuit without any holes in we sat and waited to meet our instructor. As 10am came around it was clear that there was only 3 of us taking the lesson. We went through the basics and were given a big foam covered board and walked no more than 5 minutes to the beach.

Feeling a bit nervous we started our lesson practicing pop ups on the beach. After a couple of goes I felt like I had the hang of it and we headed into the water.

I was the first to attempt to ride the wave, and failed my first attempt. Sam managed to stand up first time which only made me more determined!

On my second attempt I did it and was instantly hooked! On the first lesson the waves were ‘spilling’ rather than ‘dumping’ which is perfect conditions for beginners and we all managed to stand up a fair bit.

That afternoon we had another surf session, known as an expression session where you’re left to practice what you’d learnt that morning. Unfortunately the waves were a lot more dumpy and I spent almost the whole hour and a half nose diving.

After surfing we quickly got ready for Kangaroo Golf! Basically a golf course where heaps of wild kangaroos roam around, although not fully tame we were able to get pretty close!

After a very early morning and a full day we planned on an early night, until we heard that there was a trip to the nearby pub for a pub quiz. We decided to go and had a great time with our new surf buddies!