On the following days of Surf School we learnt more than just how to stand up on a wave. We got to try out the green waves (for me this basically meant constant nose dives), learn to speed up and slow down, as well as how to turn on a wave, surfing etiquette and how to get out without getting drowned by a set of waves.

I never really understood why surfers spent soooo much time just sat out in the sea on their boards not trying to catch every wave but it turns out it is super relaxing and fun to just sit and talk to your friends. But also when you finally decide to take a wave and can here everyone shouting ‘paddle paddle paddle!’ as the waves gets closer and the yeeeeeewwwww as you successfully stand up!

As we went when it was really off season the surf camp was dead! I’m talking more staff than there were customers. This meant that the 20 or so of us that were learning to surf all got on really well and made our own fun. As well as participating in all the organised stuff like ocean rafting, extra surfing, kangaroo golf and kayaking we also set up our own game of beach football/soccer. One of my favourite memories from surf camp (obviously other than actually learning to surf) was on the beach in the sun playing football with the friends we had made from around the world.

Luckily for us, after we finished our five days of surfing we were pretty much all heading North – on to Byron Bay where we were staying in the same hostel (the infamous Inbetweeners Movie 2 hostel).