Initially I didn’t want to go to the zoo having previously decided I would never pay towards the captivity of animals but the travel reps were convincing and we ended up going.

Luckily it was super easy to get to the zoo thanks to Greyhound coaches having a stop literally at the entrance gates but that did mean we had to leave our backpacks in storage when we got there.

Aside from the fact that all of the animals had their freedom taken away I did have a good time – most of the animals were in pretty big enclosures.

I loved the Kangaroos because they were so tame and docile, you could even hug them and they didn’t seem to mind! I also found the Koalas cute although they do smell and don’t really do a lot. The wombats and dingoes were also cool to see.

After talking to a lot of people we realised that most of them missed out on the otter show which was one of our favourites (the otter stands on its back legs on a body board?!) so if you haven’t been definitely check that out!

The midday show in the crocoseum was pretty cool although I did find the birds flying around the audience better than the crocodile part. I also found the whole show unbelievably cheesy (I realise it’s aimed at kids but come on). Seeing just how dangerous salt water crocs really can be was impressive and a little bit scary seeing as we were heading up into their territory!