Another trip we decided to go on when we were in Byron was Nimbin! Basically known only for its easily accessible cookies! Within a couple of minutes of stepping out the bus a scary looking lady held up a sign reading cookies. We decided to walk around and take a look at the hippy shops Nimbin had to offer. After resisting buying multiple pairs of hareem trousers and different incense sticks I decided to treat myself to a psychedelic sarong and a cookie (when in Rome…).

After exploring all the shops and turning down multiple offers of cookies we got back on the bus for our return trip; which included stopping at a waterfall for a BBQ lunch. On the journey from Nimbin to the waterfall I found myself giggling uncontrollably at nothing in particular for a solid 10 minutes. I decided to have my second cookie on the way back from the BBQ and then slept for around 7 hours (much to my boyfriends delight) as soon as we got back to the hostel.