Straight from Australia Zoo we hopped on the coach and went on up to Noosa!

On our first full day of being in Noosa we went to check out the beach, although it was starting to get a bit busy it was so nice, unfortunately we didn’t go in the sea but the view was still good!

I also loved loads of the shops along the Main Street here even though I couldn’t afford to buy anything from them.

On one of our days in Noosa we had a tour to the Everglades booked. We literally knew nothing about this trip so the whole thing was a bit of a surprise (didnt realise we would be going on a boat trip and then canoeing!)

We got the mini bus early in the morning that took us to the boat and after an hour or so we were in the everglades of which there are only 2 in the World! The reflection on the water when the wind dropped was unbelievably clear, unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a good photo as I was canoeing for the best part!

We stopped off for lunch at a ‘historic’ site (basically a shed from the 60’s…) and Sam decided to go for a swim in the cold tee tree water! Then we headed back to the dock after a long, enjoyable day.