From Byron Bay we got the Greyhound up to Surfers – a commercialised beach/city on the Gold Coast.

We checked in to the hostel and went out to see if the destination matched the name. As much as I loved the cool contrast between the high rise buildings and the clean, long stretch of beach I was disappointed by the overall vibe; I expected chilled out and slow but I got commercialised and tacky. With a McDonald’s and Hungry Jack’s right on the beach front and an endless row of expensive surf shops the beachy vibe was ruined for me.

However, the following day we did decide to hire surfboards and head out into the waves to see if we’d picked up any ability at surf camp. Unfortunately for us we had gone from riding  baby waves to getting smashed by waves much bigger than we were used to. After an hour of nose dives and about one successful surf each we decided to head out of the water and relax on the beach. That evening a big club night was organised but as the time got closer it was clear that no one else seemed very up for it and so we hit the mini golf course down the road and got a bit competitive.