As soon as we arrived in Byron Bay I was in love. The colour and the atmosphere was unmissable. With such an array of characters and smells (if you know what I mean) there was always something to look at and someone to giggle at.

We arrived at the Arts Factory Lodge and instantly knew we were in for a fun couple of nights. After chucking our bags down and having a chat with our room mates we headed out into the town to see what the bay had to offer. We decided to walk up to the lighthouse that afternoon to watch the sunset! In hindsight we probably should have waited until we had a bit more time as we got to the top a bit flustered and just in time to watch the suns final rays drop behind the distant mountains. When we got back down to the beach though the atmosphere was just getting started. With a drummer performing by the beach and the crowds gathering getting ready for their evening we quickly headed back to the hostel to decide what we were doing.

After reuniting with our surf school pals we went to cheeky monkeys for cheap food and free alcohol…it was dead! It kind of worked in our favour though as the staff kept bring over pints to keep us in the club for longer – and we weren’t about to turn down free drink! But after a couple of long games of jenga and connect four we decided to explore our options. We stopped at the bottle-o got heaps of beer and headed to the beach to make our own drunken fun.

In the five days that we were at Byron we did a few tours and enjoyed the chilled out, anything goes attitude everyone seemed to live by. I spent a fair few hours lusting over all the surf shop clothes that I couldn’t afford and dreaming of living in the nice houses by the lighthouse.

Dolphin Kayaking was one of the trips we decided was a must. We were greeted by a slightly crazy man who swore that happiness was the key to dolphin watching – no matter what you do just smile! My favourite thing he said was ‘I have never touched a dolphin, dolphins have always touched me’. On that note we dragged our kayaks into the water and away we went. Within 10 minutes of leaving the beach we had spotted a big pod of dolphins. The next part was easy; everyone had to stick together in the kayaks and wait… sure enough we were quickly surrounded by around 15 curious, gentle dolphins. They came so close to the kayaks you could almost touch them! The same thing happened a few more times and all the while we could look out to sea and see whales breaching. After 3 hours, which felt like barely any time at all, it was time to paddle back and ride a wave back to shore.