From Noosa we got on a mini bus to start our FRASER ISLAND tag along tour! If you don’t know then this is where backpackers get to drive 4x4s along the 70 mile beach in convoy, a great way to have fun, see the island and fingers crossed not roll the car!

After a stop to collect the cars and being allocated a specific car (unfortunately we are only 20 and so weren’t insured to drive them) we headed up to Rainbow beach where we got on the ferry to take us to the island.

Straight off the island all of the drivers had to quickly get used to the new terrain as you get thrown into the deep end; with soft sand, rocks in the road, oncoming cars and the sea to contend with I was kind of relieved not to be driving. It wasn’t long until we were on the sand highway and on our way to the Eurong resort where we would be staying in dorms for the next 2 nights.

Lake Mckenzie

Our first proper stop was to one of the many perched lakes on the Island. We had been told that the water at the lake was clear but that didn’t prepare us for just how amazing it was. The water could have been bottled water from how clear and clean it was.

As soon as we walked into the cove of beach I needed to run and jump in. It turns out it’s actually really hard to swim in water when it’s so pure and as soon as I was out of my depth I struggled.

After playing in the water, all trying to do hair flicks, mermaid swimming, playing throw and catch and just enjoying the lake we headed back along the track roads to the hostel.

That night we drunk a bit of smuggled goon and played some beer pong only to crash in the dorm pretty early after a long, fun day.

Maheno Shipwreck

The next morning we got up early and set off for the shipwreck. In 1935 it was being towed to Japan when a cyclonic storm broke the tow chain and the SS Maheno drifted to the island where it now remains.

Indian Head

The next stop was Indian Head, one of the best places on the island for a picturesque view of the ocean and the long stretches of beach either side of you.

After a quick walk to the cliff edge we quickly noticed whales just off the headland and someone even said they had seen a shark near the shore! We also saw a stingray and some birds of prey.

Luckily we were the only people up there when we first arrived so saw the opportunity to take group pictures, panoramics and make the most of the incredible views before heading back down to the cars.

Champagne Pools

Our next stop was the natural Pools named champagne Pools because of how the waves crashing over the rocks created bubbles like champagne. This was one of my favourite stops because I love swimming in the sea. Although the water was pretty cold most of the group still went in and had a good time splashing in the waves and climbing on the slippy rocks.

Eli Creek

After lunch was our last stop for the day, a natural lazy river of fresh water. Unfortunately there hadn’t been much rainfall around the time we were on the island so the creek was pretty shallow (and cold) so we quickly walked/paddled back down to the car and decided instead to play football, do some yoga and some other funny games which turned out to be one of my favourite things we did while on the island.

That night was one of the groups 21st birthdays so we all gathered in our dorm with balloons and alcohol to begin predrinks. After a few drinking games Kev our rep came looking for us to see why we weren’t in the bar. We ended up playing more drinking games with the addition of Kev and some whiskey and Coke. Eventually we headed to the bar but soon realised it was absoloutely dead.

We ended up on the beach near the hostel to have a look at the incredible stars. Due to the minimal light pollution on the island the stars are clearer than anywhere else I’ve been and thanks to someone on the group having a very expensive camera we were able to capture the amazing sky!

After witnessing and capturing a meteor shoot across the sky we decided to call it a night ready for our final day on the island.

Lake Wabby

On the last day we got up extra early to get to our last stop before heading back to the mainland. This was a tee tree oil lake which was at the end of a 2.5km walk. Before you get to the lake you walk out on to what looks like a desert; just a stretch of beautiful sand dunes and nothing else except the view of the sea in the distance.

From here it’s just a short walk to get to the lake. This lake was at the bottom of a pretty steep sand dune and gets deep really fast so we decided the best thing to do was run and jump repeatedly. My favourite thing about this stop was how much fun our group managed to have with each other and how close we ended up after just 3 days.

After lunch we headed back to the ferry and to the mainland for our journey back to Noosa.

That night we had a party set up back in the hostel for all the people on the trip, we got everyone’s facebooks and talked about everything we’d done and looked at all the photos we’d taken. It turned out that a lot of us were doing pretty much the same thing anyway and we met up with some of the group further up the coast.