After saying goodbye to our Fraser Island friends over a meal of burritos and tacos we got up the next day and started our long coach trip to Agnes Waters. We’d never heard of this town before but opted for a 2 night stop to break up what would otherwise have been almost 24 hours on a coach to Airlie Beach. On this journey we were unexpectedly on the same coach as my best friend and her boyfriend from England (who were doing the East Coast around the same time as us) so we got to catch up with them, making the first half of the journey go pretty fast. We arrived at around 6pm and decided to quickly check in and then walk the half hour into the town to find somewhere to eat.

As we dumped our bags into the dorm we realised we were sharing a room with one of the guys we’d made friends with on Fraser Island so invited him along to get food with us.

After walking along a dark highway we got to the main shops of the town and quickly realised just how remote Agnes Waters was as there was only one restaurant in the whole town and it was fully booked. We ended up eating at a servo and then getting the courtesy bus back to the hostel where we stayed up to catch a bit of the olympics.

That night we went to bed only to discover that Agnes Waters is the coldest place ever at night and our thin sheets really didn’t provide much warmth. It was at some early hour of the morning that I realised I had somehow lost my jumper and had no other warm clothes leaving me to spend the rest of the night curled in a ball shivering while my roommates snuggled into their hoodies and trackies. They still woke up complaining of the cold though!

The next day we decided to make the most of the super cheap surfboard hire (like $17 each for the day!) unfortunately as soon as we walked onto the beach and saw a group of stand up paddleboards bobbing around on the flat water we realised we probably wouldn’t be riding many waves.

Despite the conditions we gave surfing a good go and still had fun sat out in the sea enjoying the sun and the beautiful scenery.

That night we cooked fajitas for dinner and got some blankets from reception (where they also had my jumper that I thought I lost!!) and fell asleep listening to the strange noises of tropical insects from outside the wooden dorm.

The next morning we spent at the hostel, around the pool area making the most of the sun before our second long coach journey up to Airlie Beach – luckily this one was over night rather than wasting an entire day.