From Agnes Waters we went up to Airlie Beach, getting in early in the morning ready for our boat to sail later that day.

After bumping into more people who we’d been to Fraser Island with and realising we would all be exploring the Whitsundays around the same time but on different boats it was time to board the boat.

When booking the trip we had decided to spend 2 nights living and sleeping on a sailing boat called ‘Boomerang’ as it meant you were able to help sail the boat and have fun without getting sea sick. (Some of the other boats weren’t designed for choppy weather and so could cause sea sickness).

Unfortunately for us the weather was awful and the forecast said it was going to stay pretty bad for the whole time. We didn’t let that get us down though seeing as we were going to Whitehaven Beach; once voted the best beach in the World! With 99% silicone sand and incredibly clear water the photos look amazing.

Once on the boat we were given ‘beds’ which were more like little shelves to sleep on! And greeted with a fruit platter and a quick safety talk. After that we were sailing toward the Whitsundays Islands.

Because our boat of choice was a sailing boat it also meant that on a windy day it could travel pretty fast. So with instructions to sit with our legs hanging over one side of the boat and to hold on tight we were set for a speedy journey with lots of wind and sea water in our faces. At some points we were practically vertical to the sea; I looked over my shoulder and had a clear view of the water below me. But it did mean that we beat the ‘New Horizon’ (a boat that left the dock at the same time) to our first stop of the trip.

The first stop was a sheltered Bay where we got to get to know the other people on the boat and have dinner before drinking some goon and sleeping, ready for a day of snorkelling and seeing the famous beach.

The next morning we were woken up at 7am with breakfast already set up for us. After filling up on Peanut Butter Jelly and Coffee I was ready to sail again.

We had another pretty cloudy morning with some rain (luckily there were loads of bright yellow raincoats for us to use!) but we went to the Whitehaven beach anyway. We stopped just off the shore and got a motor boat to the island. From here we went on a bush walk to get to the best view point where you can see the blue water and the white sand islands ever changing in the sea.

Eventhough the weather could have been better it was still an impressive view and clear to see why the beach was so popular.

We then walked down to the beach to experience the pure sand first hand. We’d been told that the sand was great for exfoliating and super soft. We weren’t disappointed! It was still pretty warm, so we were able to go swimming, wade out to the many mini islands and play around in the pretty sand.

Then it was time to head back to the boat to go to the ‘fish bowl’ a popular snorkelling spot (the reef is technically classed as part of the Great Barrier Reef).

After a short sail around the island we were there and given stinger suits and snorkel gear. Because the spot we were taken to was quite shallow we were able to see plenty of fish and variety of reef that there was always something new to look at and be amazed by. Apparently there was a family of Nemo fish but I missed out on seeing them.

After exploring the underwater world we got back to the boat and had some lunch. The crew gave us the chance to go in for a second time but having just warmed up and dried off we decided to give it a miss and instead sailed to the spot we would be sleeping that night. On arrival we started drinking on the top deck and better getting to know the people on the trip while we waited for dinner. After eating we played a few games of cards and then got told about the anklets/bracelets that the crew could make; they are made around your ankle and burnt together so they can’t be removed without cutting. I decided to get a blue and white one and still have it on 4 months later!

That night we all went to sleep not sure if it was the boat swaying or just us being pretty drunk.

On the final morning we got up early again and after breakfast were given stinger suits again because the stop we had slept at was a popular place for turtles. We excitedly got in the water and went on the lookout for turtles. I spotted one not too far away so swam after it, I managed to get really close and got Sam to come over and see. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a photo. After a final morning spent chasing turtles and snorkelling it was time to head back to the mainland. On the journey back we hit the fastest speed that the crew on the boat had ever got to before and got to go through the middle of the biggest boat race at Airlie Beach.