Once we got back to the dock after our trip to the Whitsunday Islands we had a few days to spend in Airlie before we went up to Townsville. 

On the day that we got back our friends from England had just arrived, so we had brunch with them and told them what to expect from the islands seeing as they were going later that day. Unfortunately the weather had got even worse rather than better and it was actually raining when they got on board their boat. After saying our goodbyes and arranging to meet up on Magnetic Island we went off to explore some of the shops and things to do around Airlie.

We had decided to try and save money until we got to magnetic Island and so all of the tourist trips were off the cards; this wasn’t much of a problem seeing as most of the water sports had been rescheduled because of the weather.

We ended up sitting in an undercover bar area where there was a big screen playing the olympics. Here we watched Usain Bolt do his thing, some of the beach volleyball games and some other athletic games. That evening we had a cheap meal and cheap/free drinks at the hostel-owned bar with all the other people who were on our boat. After making the most of the freebies and bumping into even more of the people from Fraser Island we went back to the hostel pretty drunk and ready for bed. 

The next day was an uneventful day, we went out for lunch and then headed back to the hostel.

When we were in our hostel room the windows started shaking violently and the floor started moving, everyone outside seemed to freeze where they were and all we could hear was a rumble. After about half a minute it stopped and everyone started coming back to life shouting ‘did you just feel that?!’ And ‘was that an earthquake?’ to each other. So our uneventful day ended up with us experiencing our first earthquake. After a quick google search we found out it was measured at a magnitude of 5.8. 

That night we went back to bar again where more of our friends had got back from the Whitsundays and we stayed out to watch the drinking games and join in on the free drinks available. We then decided to go to the bottle shop to indulge on a quality $4 bottle of wine to smuggle back to the dorm.

The next morning it was time to trek to the coach terminal to go on up to Townsville and across to Magnetic Island.