From Townsville we went across to Magnetic Island on the ferry. We got to the hostel and quickly got settled into the dorm. As soon as we walked in there was a boy in our room that I recognised from back home; turns out we used to work together in Southampton, England and just happened to be staying in the same hostel room on the other side of the world?!

After a quick chat we walked to the shops to kill some time before food was served. We tucked into pizza in the early evening and then enjoyed a free cocktail and some happy hour drinks before calling it a night.

The following day we had no plans but got up early to make the most of the beautiful setting of the hostel.


During breakfast we realised our friend from Fraser Island was also staying there. We got talking about an ‘aquarium’ that was supposedly on the island and so decided we would pay it a visit.

We quickly got changed and walked along the beach to the ferry terminal and from there found the aquarium. Much to our disappointed the aquarium was better described as a few poorly maintained fish tanks in someone’s back garden with half dead coral and a couple of sad looking fish.

Next on the agenda was the koala walk near Horseshoe Bay; this was a wildlife park that allowed you to hold lizards, baby crocs, birds and (for an extra cost) Koalas. Although we didn’t pay to hold the Koalas we still had an amazing time holding and learning about other native Australian animals as well as getting the opportunity to see our first wild spider and a wild koala with her baby on her back pop over for a visit! Then it was time to make our way back on the bus to the hostel to meet up with our Englih friends who had just checked in.

After catching up with them over dinner we decided to make the most of the cheap bottles of wine at the hostel. We ended up having about 12 bottles of wine between the 6 of us and getting a lot drunker than we intended and eventually taking the party to the beach before heading back to our rooms.

The next morning we had planned to hire the 4×4’s available on the island. Everyone had told us that we won’t struggle to get one as long as we hire them before 11. At around 9 we called the hire company and they had completely sold out of all their cars for the day! Feeling a bit disappointed we walked to the bus station ready to purchase an all day bus pass each so we could still get around the island.

Our first stop was the shop to buy a bag of carrots to try and befriend the local rock Wallabies, we than hopped on the bus to the bay where they lived. Unfortunately our timing wasn’t great and most of the wallabies were hiding in the rocks and not being too friendly so we decided to move on and try again later (apparently sunset is the best time to see them). So we headed up to the Fort Walk; an uphill walk with the promise of good views, wild Koalas and old fort ruins. We got all of this and got a bit hot and sweaty walking in the midday heat. We also may have spent a good 20 minutes trying to get a group photo at one of the view points.

After walking back down to the bus stop we headed back to Horseshoe Bay so we could sit on the beach for a while until we could try again with the wallabies. While we were here I found a wonky palm tree and we all attempted to climb it. Somehow I managed to get the highest and am now considering a job as a coconut collector.

Finally we got to see the wallabies in action. There was a man there who was clearly a wallaby whisperer who helped us get them around us and eating from our hands.

For our final night at the hostel we got to play Boozy Bingo back at the hostel. After none of us managed to win anything we called it a night ready for our final day.

The next day we just chilled at the hostel and waited for the bus to take us back to Townsville; from here we got the coach straight away up to mission beach where we were all going sky diving!!!