As we were nearing the end of our East Coast trip it was time to do something a little bit crazy; so we decided to jump out of a plane. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time but I held off on doing it in the UK in favour of doing it somewhere with prettier scenery and a nicer temperature.

Mission Beach is said to be the best jumping spot on the East Coast as it is the only sky dive where you actually end up landing on the beach as well as sky diving with a birds eye view of the Great Barrier Reef.

After convincing our friends to jump as well we all checked in to the hostel Jackaroo. This hostel was interesting to say the least! I good half an hour drive from the town and in the middle of a jungle we really were surrounded by wildlife.

The first evening we happened to be sharing a dorm with our friend from Fraser Island for the third time and decided to all go out looking for dangerous creepy crawlies…we weren’t disappointed. We saw huge spiders, geckos, lizards, toads, brightly coloured frogs and bats within a few steps from the lobby of the hostel.

That night we cooked a big pot of pasta and then tried to have an early night for our 5am alarm the next morning.

Morning came around and I woke up a strange combination of excited and terrified. My first problem; what do you wear to jump out of a plane?! After finding something that seemed appropriate we went and waited to be picked up by the mini van to take us to get ready. Once we had signed our lives away and got the equipment sorted we were sent on another bus to meet the plane. On this journey we got to see a wild cassowary in the road (holding up the traffic) which is rare as they are an endangered species.

We got to the plane and our instructors let us on in a particular order…one by one every other jumper got on except for me and it quickly became clear that I was going to be first to jump! So sat on the floor of the plane, leaning against the very unstable door we set off. With a clear view of the ground below me I was both in awe of the beauty of the country and nervous as we climbed higher and higher.

Eventually we got to the point we were jumping for and within about a minute I was sat, clipped to my instructor with my legs hanging over the edge of the plane. Somehow instead of being scared I was so excited (we have a video of both our jumps and I have the biggest grin on my face from start to finish!) after a quick 3,2,1 we were falling. For the couple of minutes we were free falling I was in my element, just thinking about it now is making my heart go funny. And then the parachute went up and the initial adrenaline was replaced by the most tranquil juxtaposition.

We were gently, quietly swooping through the air, overlooking the sea below. After a couple of spins and twists I was allowed to hold the parachute handles and steer for a while. Even though I was the first one to jump there were about 5 people who landed before me. Everyone looked like they had an amazing time. I watched Sam land and then we headed back to hand back our equipment and pick up our photos and videos.

That evening we chilled with our friends before they had to catch the Greyhound to Cairns and then just hung around the pool and ate some food before calling it a night ready to get out of the jungle and up to Cairns the following morning.