Not long after getting to Brisbane we were invited along to Toowoomba with our host family. Their parents lived up there and the annual Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers was on.

After an early start and a couple of hours in the car we were there. After meeting the extended family and stopping in a cafe for coffee we headed into the arena; where there was heaps of food and drink stalls, live music and flower displays, as well as free activities.

After tucking into some of the many food options it was time to see what else was going on. There was food and wine demonstrations and tasting sessions going on over the course of the two day festival. A wood craft stall also displayed a range of objects seemlessy carved from wood. A tent also had a range of flower displays to look around.

We then joined the queue to hand make our own flower headbands using real flowers. This was completely free and so much easier than I expected!

Sam got ripped into for being forced (by me) to wear his headband infront of the family and then it was time to head down for the parade. We managed to get a good position to watch the parade but unfortunately it was boiling and there was a significant delay so we took the opportunity to go to the fair while everyone else waited for the floats.

When we were in the fair the youngest kid I was au pairing for decided that she wanted to experience some of her first fun fair rides and she wanted me to go with her. First up was bumper cars, where Sam and I had a great time crashing into clueless children trying to steer the cars. After that we went on a couple of fast spinny rides with mixed emotions from the rookie rider.

After doing another couple of laps of the festival and tucking into a dinner of massive Byron Bay doughnuts it was time to make our way back to Brisbane.