I need to draw everyone’s attention to South Bank and the Street Beach; if you’ve been to Brisbane you’ll already know about it and if you haven’t you’ll want to.

Across the river from the CBD you’ll find South Bank, with the Brisbane sign, a variety of galleries and museums as well as a blue lagoon over looking the views of the river.

There’s also the Brisbane wheel (we haven’t yet been on it but it’s still pretty cool to look at) and the shaded walkways woven with magenta bougainvillea.

Whether you’re splashing in the lagoon, going for a run, getting something to eat/drink or just people watching, Southt Bank will keep you entertained for a fair few hours. My favourite part is that you can go there without spending any money if you don’t want to! The GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art) and the Queensland Museum and Sciencecentre are both free and great to spend a couple of hours looking around (also the AC is a life saver on a hot day). I’m pretty sure there are some more galleries and museums around the area but I haven’t yet had the chance to look around them.

There’s also always something going on around there. With regular free workouts from Monday to Sunday, a rainforest walk for when you want a brief escape from the City and a Temple to take you to South East Asia in a second.