After a quick search on Gumtree one day we found 2 foam covered surfboards (clearly intended for kids learning to surf). They were on there for $100 so we decided to get them seeing as we had access to a car and an abundance of beaches available above and below us.

Since getting them we’ve only so far been to Dicky Beach – Coloundra to try them out and have had a mixture of conditions and success.

After 4 trips to the beach for surfing I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m helpless and will never be able to stand up on a board again. Whereas Sam has managed to stand up and ride a few waves in.

The injuries I’ve accumulated so far are: a nose bleed from the board hitting me in the face, a bruise and lump on my thigh from the fin hitting me in the leg, a jellyfish sting and a painful butt from falling off the board straight onto to sand.

With all that being said, the beach is great; every time we’ve been (both weekdays and weekends) it’s been quiet and clean. The free parking about a minute walk from the beach is helpful when you’ve got to carry surfboards and there’s enough shops and cafes if you want to make it a day there.

Although we haven’t tried surfing at any of the other beaches in Coloundra we have been to them and also like them.


Shelly Beach: