One sunny day we decided to drive to Redcliffe. Just 45 minutes from where we were staying is a town on the water front. Although the beach isn’t quite nice enough for swimming and sun baking there is still plenty to see and do there.

I had recently got a new, good quality camera so brought that along to try out the settings and get some good pictures.

After a stroll along the promenade and down onto the pier we came across a Bee Gees Walkway; turns out the band moved to Redcliffe and lived there for sometime!

We then headed to the Lagoon overlooking the sea where we went for a dip to cool down. I prefer this lagoon to the one at South Bank because it isn’t as busy and doesn’t smell quite so much like loads of kids have pee’d in it!

There are loads of cafes, bars and restaurants along the street as well but we opted for a cheap day so headed back after I’d got a sufficient amount of pictures and was feeling a bit sun burnt.