This will be my first blog post so far that is completely up to date!

Today (6/12/16) we got the day off and so decided to make the most of the free time and tropical heatwave by driving up to Noosa for the 5.4 km one-way walk. After eventually finding a parking space we got going.

The turquoise water follows you on this walk from start to finish; which is beautiful to look at and a blessing to dip into when it’s so hot!

There were countless coves and bays to explore the whole way around this walk, as well as wild Koalas, the potential to see migrating Whales (unfortunately it wasn’t the season when we were there) and stunning views.

Not long into the walk we found this little guy having a snooze on a branch high up in the trees. Luckily there were other people looking up and pointing at him or we never would have spotted it.

Our first stop on the walk was Tee Tree Bay – a rocky/sandy Bay with crystal clear water to splash around in, as well as small waves to leave you feeling refreshed.

A bit further round we came to a lookout called Dolphin Point – a cliff edge with a wide, unobscured view of the sea. This place is popular for spotting dolphins and whales (also rays and smaller sea creatures if you’ve got a good eye), again most popular in whale season.

From here we walked to Granite Bay (we passed some other bays and look outs on our way). Here we played around on the big, smooth rocks and watched the waves crash against the shore.

The ‘fairy pools’ was next on the walk; this stop required a bit of scrambling to get to but once down  was a big, turquoise rock pool which resembles a little swimming pool fit for a fairy! Unfortunately when we got here it was pretty crowded with people jumping in, posing for pictures and chilling around the edge so no good photo opportunities came up. I think the best times to see it uncrowded would be early morning or just before sunset.

After stopping for some food and drink we went on to Hell’s Gate – another cliff edge that juts out into the sea giving you a clear view of the water around you.

After all of the stops we took in the walk we had spent hours getting to this point and clouds had started coming over with a potential storm on the way. We decided to cut the walk short (by this point we weren’t even half way around the coastal track! So went back on ourselves and returned to Noosa Main Beach the way we had come from. 

On our drive home we started off on the coastal road; driving past Noosa National Park and Peregian Beach to Coolumn Beach where we briefly stopped to look around the surf shops (finally bought some wax for our surf boards) and watch the beach goers slowly pack up and go home for the day.