A few Sundays ago we decided to check out Cedar Creek Falls – a small waterfall at the top of a long rock-hopping creek near Sanford Valley. 

We parked just outside of the ‘no public access’ sign and instead of walking up the road we went down to the creek and went against the flowing stream of water up to the waterfall. After a sweaty climb we got there.

With plenty of flat rocks for sun baking and refreshing water for a cool down it was obviously a popular spot on a hot day. With families, backpackers and dog walkers all hanging out around the main swimming hole we had clearly come on a busy day. We opted to sit further up where nobody else seemed to be; turns out everyone was avoiding our spot because there were loads of massive flies. We sat and watched as people cliff jumped into the water, listened to music and drunk beer. After a dip in the water we sun baked and dried off before heading back to the car.