Yesterday (15/12/16) we decided to visit the Botanical Gardens located at the base of Mount Coot-Tha. We’ve been here a few times before but knowing how beautiful the place was we decided to try and capture the natural beauty on my camera. 

We started near the pond areas which are lined by purple flowers and filled with lily pads and various birds. 

From here we headed into the paths that wound between a huge variety of plants and flowers. With cacti and succulents on one side and palm trees and ferns the other you really do forget that the CBD is just a 10 minute drive away.

Not only were the paths lined with plants and flowers but also with spiderwebs and lizards.

After getting as close as I dared to the spiders (thanks to the camera zoom not too close at all!) we headed into the succulent garden where the baby cacti lived.

When hearing or seeing anything about the Botanical Gardens the main thing that’s mentioned is the tropical dome. A half sphere nestled between nature filled with tropical plants in a controlled, humid environment. With its geometric glass roof it really does stand out and make quite a statement.

There is also a Japanese garden; complete with a mini waterfall, bamboo and oriental structures to keep out of the sun.

The deeper you go into the gardens the more you feel like you’ve stepped straight into a subtropical rainforest. The more you look the more wildlife, tree species and colourful plants you will see. 

After a final stop at the rose garden we had completed the loop back to the entrance.

We then decided to drive up to the Mount Coot-Tha lookout to make the most of the impeccably clear day.

We got a drink from the cafe and sat on the grass taking in the view of the city and beyond.