Last Tuesday we packed our surfboards into the car and headed down to Coolum Beach.

When we arrived ready for a fun day of surfing we quickly realised there was a surfing competition going on. After watching the experts effortlessly ride in wave after wave we headed into the water (far away from the competition) and did our best to stand up.

Sam was significantly better than me as usual but I did come the closest I’ve been to standing up for a long time so there’s a bit of progressive! After an hour or so we became surrounded by kids about half our age and probably 3 times better at surfing than we will ever be. We realised we were just in the way of their fun and decided to get out and watch the professionals show us up. 

We chilled on the beach for a while before heading back to the car to get our lunch. We went to a cove just to the right of Coolum beach and sat on the rocks eating cheese and crackers as the surfers continued to impress us. We went to explore some rock pools and then retreated to the shade to read and relax for a couple of hours.