An hour drive North from us will bring you to a series of 11 stand alone hills formed by Volcanic Plugs. The tallest is Mount Beerwah; the second mountain we chose (and failed) to climb.

Mt Ngungun

This was the first of the glass house Mountains we chose to climb. At only 253m it isn’t very high at all and only took us around 15 minutes to reach the top (we did it a lot faster than average). Although it isn’t very high the walk up is still tiring and involves some level of fitness. There is also a bit of a scramble at the top just before you reach the top.

The views are amazing when you’re up there, with 360 angles of the hinterland and some of the GHMs.

The day we climbed was a rather windy day with storms due later that arvo so the top was pretty windy. I was a bit scared standing so close to an almost dead drop while the wind was pushing me around.

The climb back down was a bit harder as we were both pretty hot and down to the last few sips of our water. My legs were a bit shaky from all the steps on the way up so we went a bit slower on the descent. 

Mt Beerwah

This was the next mountain we decided to conquer. After reading people’s reviews describing the climb as ‘a bit of a scramble’ and suited to ‘experienced rock climbers’we really didn’t expect all that much from this 556m hill. We’re both sure footed and pretty capable when it comes to fitness and this sort of stuff so went with the attitude of how hard can it be?

Turns out it was really hard! After the initial 5 minute uphill bushwalk we were faced with an almost vertical, flat rock face. We saw some people climbing back down, telling us it’s not that hard after the first part and that they’d managed it. So with some reassurance and guidance of where to start we started climbing. 

I quickly realised my trainers had no grip and opted to do it bare foot. This worked out great for getting a good grip on the rock but if you’ve ever felt a rock that’s been out in the sun for a long time you’ll know that my feet were getting sore really fast.

I found the start fine, using my arms and legs and basically using the surface as a rock climbing wall.  Then suddenly I wasn’t fine; I guess I looked around and saw how high we were and how steep the rock surface was and just freaked out because one minute I was climbing and then the next I was shaking and trying to find the part of the mountain where it gets easier again. 

We eventually got to a flatter section where there was a rock to hold onto and I broke down. I didn’t want to climb any higher out of fear that I’d not be able to get back down, but I didn’t want to go back down because it was so steep! After about 10 minutes of just freezing and refusing to move in any direction Sam managed to convince me that I would be safe to go back down the way we came.

We basically had to go down on our butts the whole way, shuffling down and using our hands and feet to stop us sliding the whole way down. After a bit of a struggle, blistered hands from burning rocks, ripped shorts from butt shuffling and a fair bit of sweat and tears from me we were back on flat ground.

Once we got back to the house we decided to watched some people’s Go Pro footage of their walk up. Turns out the bit we got to was literally the same part of the climb where it starts getting a lot easier. So now we’re both determined to go back and do it again as the view from the top looks amazing.

Unfortunately I only managed a couple of pictures as I was a bit busy being terrified! The pictures also really don’t show how steep the mountain was.