On Thursday (22/12/16) we decided to spend some time exploring Mount Glorious, just 30 minutes away in the car. 

We packed a rucksack and headed out. We stopped just past the popular Mount Glorious Cafe (a favourite for bikers) and went on the 4.3km walk to the waterfall which is now dried up. 

Not long in to the walk we found a big, hanging vine which easily held our weight. Being the children we are we both attempted to climb up the vine (somehow I managed to get the highest) after a couple of attempts and some shaky arms we gave up.

The sub tropical rainforest here is a beautiful scene for a walk; with layers of tall, varied trees and wildlife surrounding you there’s always something to admire.

Nearing the end of this green paradise you come across an opening in the canopy and a drop where the waterfall used to run. There is also a large fallen tree trunk at the edge of the path which is wide enough to walk along and appreciate just how impressive nature can be when left to grow undisturbed.

Once we had enjoyed the rainforest and the remains of the waterfall it was time to start the return loop back to the car.

From here we drove back through Mount Nebo, stopping at various lookouts on the way down. 

The lookouts gave a variety of views looking over Samford, nearby hills and on a clear day you can see all the way to Toowoomba and the Glass House Mountains. As well as this one of the lookouts gives you a clear view of Brisbane CBD, perfectly framed by the trees. Unfortunately for us we decided to go on a gloomy day, slightly limiting the view.