Being just over the half way mark on our 1 year WHV we are starting to think about how our future will look. I’m convinced that Australia will not mark the end of my travels but equally I’m starting to think about going home to reunite with family and friends.

We’re both excited by the possibility of exploring New Zealand after our visas expire here considering we’re so close. Due to timing we would be arriving in June (NZ winter) and having just come from a hot country we will be so unequipped for the sudden drop in temperature.

So this brings the first question… Holiday or WHV?

Do we just get a tourist visa for around 6 weeks, buy a few warmer items of clothes and have a holiday out there before heading home to our family and friends? Or start working hard in Aus to save up the money needed to get the WHV for NZ! This way we can truly appreciate the country and if worst comes to worst get work as soon as we land if we’re not doing so well with money?

My second question… campervan or Bus?

Since we’ve already done the East Coast of Australia on the Greyhound I’m swaying toward the idea of getting a campervan. However, this obviously means we’d need to save more money (I realise we’d get a lot of this back when selling the campervan later). But I’m also a nervous driver; I’m constantly thinking every noise my car makes is a sign it’s about to breakdown and unfortunately we are both hopeless with mechanics and have no contacts in NZ.


A completely different option is South East Asia.

Bearing in mind if we were heading home from Australia anyway we may have a stop in Asia on the way, why don’t we break the journey up with a few weeks exploring a completely new and unique culture?

Another or

Do we just go straight home, see everyone we’ve missed and work our butts off to save up for more travels??

As you can see I’m not the best at decision making! At least we still have about 6 months left to enjoy our current situation before we have to finalise our plans.