After our less than desirable beach weather on Christmas Day we decided to take another trip to the sandy shores and headed up to Coolum Beach. We didn’t take our surf boards, opting instead for a relaxed day of sunbathing, frisbee playing and swimming. 

I took my new beach towel and we had a chilled day in the sun. 

After we both fell asleep on the beach for an hour or too it was time to pack away and head to Mt Coolum. We had heard that the view from the top was beautiful; especially for sunset so we planned to get up there in time to set up my Go Pro to film the sun going down.

It turns out the walk up there was a lot harder than we expected. The majority of the walk up was up stairs and when we got to the top we were hot and sweaty with pretty achey legs.

We got to the top around 5:30 and so had to wait over an hour for the sun to set.