Christmas Eve marked the start of our festive celebrations; Sam finished work at 2am Christmas Eve and after a bit of a lay in it was time to start having fun.

We decided to go on a hike with our host families little dog around Mount Coot-Tha. Parking at the bottom car park near the now dried up waterfall we walked the 2.5kms up to the lookout at the top. The weather was quite cloudy but still hot and we were all feeling it a bit near the summit so stopped to feel the breeze and admire the views for a while. 

After cooling down it was time to complete the loop back to the car, taking our 2.5km walk to a 5 km walk. Near the end we had to really slow down as Max (the dog) was really tired and struggling; he’s not used to walks, especially not long, steep ones!

The walk killed a couple of hours and made me feel a bit less guilty about all the food we had ready for the next few days.

When we got back we prepared all the vegetables ready for our Christmas dinner the following day. And popped up to the shops for the final things we had forgotten. Then it was time to start the cheese board and crack open a few beers!

That evening we stayed in, got a bit tipsy and watched Christmas films will talking about what we were doing the next day. Later on we called both our parents to wish them a good Christmas Eve; as we were going to sleep they were just starting their day.

Christmas Day

After the worst sleep ever (too much excitement) we woke up at half 6 to quickly get ready and drive the hour and half journey to the beach to beat the traffic. While getting ready I video called my parents to see how they were celebrating Christmas Eve. They were round my aunties (all very drunk) and my call caused them all to get a bit emotional and repeatedly tell me that they miss me.

Unfortunately the weather for Christmas Day was awful; with an 100% chance of rain on the forecast, mid 20 temperatures and the possibility of a storm we really weren’t going to have the beach Christmas we had expected. Nethertheless, we chucked the surfboards in the car, packed some snacks and my brand new tripod (early Christmas present) so we could at least get some pictures of us at the beach on Christmas! On the drive up we were hopeful that the weather was improving slightly with some breaks in the clouds but upon arrival to Dicky Beach we realised our optimism was inaccurate. We quickly managed to get some pictures before the rain started, and when I say rain I mean a torrential down pour; leaving us both soaked before we had even gone for our Christmas surf. Storm clouds were on the horizon so we quickly paddled out into the sea to try and catch some waves (complete with Santa hats and Hawaiian necklaces). Sam managed to stand and once again I just body boarded my way back to shore.

After a maximum of an hour at the beach it was time to make our escape to the sound of thunder. On the way back the rain and storm made driving a challenge and took us quite a bit longer to get back to the house. Once back we quickly showered and had some breakfast before getting comfy around the tree to open our Christmas presents!

Although it was just the two of us and we didn’t have a lot of money to spend we both got quite a few presents. Sam got me loads of clothes (that I picked out for myself) as well as a circular beach towel which I had wanted for a while and obviously the tripod. As well as this I got loads of sweets and chocolate! I got Sam some clothes, socks and boxers and he also got some chocolate. I then proceeded to try on all of my new clothes before deciding what I wanted to wear for the rest of the day.

Then it was time to start cooking, we prepared the meat (Sam had a joint of Lamb, I had salmon) and then left it all to cook while we watched some more Christmas films, and played with my camera and tried on more clothes. 

Just before the food was ready it was time to frantically look for something to decorate the table with; I eventually used wrapping paper for the table cloth and found some red table mats. Combined with Christmas crackers and eventually lots of tasty Christmas food it didn’t look too bad!

We somehow managed to eat far more of the food than we expected so had to lay down for a while to recover from our food comas!

Later that day we both facetimed our parents when it was their Christmas morning. We had some drinks and more cheese and chocolate before calling it a day and going to sleep.

Boxing Day wasn’t a great day for us as Sam had a full day at work. I did still end up going into the city to walk around South Bank as the weather had greatly improved from yesterday. I had the intention of visiting the Gallery of Modern Art but unfortunately it was shut for Boxing Day.