On Friday 6th January it was my 21st and the first birthday I had spent away from home and my family so we wanted to do something fun!

We had planned to spend the weekend in Byron Bay but the hostels were fully booked and the weather wasn’t looking great so we had to change our plans. After going through heaps of ideas we decided on Movie World; a theme park on th  Gold Coast run by Warner Brothers Studios.

That morning we got up early and quickly headed down the coast for when the park opened.

Once in the park we headed straight for the big rides to beat the long queues. We went on the Superman ride first; we didn’t have any idea what the rides were like before we got there so it was all new and exciting. The Superman ride was a lot faster than we expected and definitely one of our favourites. 

Next up was the Green Lantern; this one was another big ride and probably my favourite one in the park. So I made Sam take a picture of me posing in front of it!

After that we did the Justice League ride where you’re given a laser gun and go on a cart around a track with the bad guys popping up that you have to shoot at. Some how I was really good at this game and ended up with a score almost double what Sam got!

The Main Street of the park was decorated like the Looney Tunes and other movie set style buildings. There were also characters like Batman, Catwoman and Scooby Doo walking around that you could have your picture taken with. 

After walking around, looking in some shops and meeting some characters we queued up for the Looney Tunes 4D show. After this we went round to the Wild West section of the park for the log ride! I hate log rides for some reason but went on it anyway because we were both really hot. On the way down Sam went to put his hands up and elbowed me in the side of the head so I was a bit too distracted to notice the drop but we did both get very wet. 

Next was the scooby soo ride. This was the longest queue of the day and we had no idea what to expect. When we eventually got on the ride we quickly realised it was not the haunted house we thought it was. It was a little rollercoaster in the dark with lots of flashing lights and lasers everywhere; not really sure what the connection to scooby doo was but it was a cool ride!

At around 2 we decided to stop and have lunch so ordered nachos to share and relaxed for a while. 

After lunch we had another walk around the park – even exploring the kids section and posing with a statue of Taz.

Then it was time to head to the Batman drop ride; this was disappointing but did give a good arial view of the park.

Before the park closed we still had to check out Arkhan Asylum; another one of the big rides based around the Joker. This ride was the first and currently the only that had the option of virtual reality in the Southern Hemisphere so we paid the extra cost to see what it was like. Although it was a cool idea it just took away the thrill and left you disorientated.

For the rest of the day we went back on all our favourites (Superman and Green Lantern) and then ended the day on Arkhan Asylum without the VR and both agreed that it was loads better and maybe even our new favourite.

Then it was time to drive back to Brisbane for dinner and a couple of drinks with our host family.