We arrived in Noosa around 2pm on Saturday 21st where we had two days, one night to show mum and dad around. Once we got to the campsite (which was a 20 minute drive from the Main Street) we quickly set up the campervan and got everything sorted before the imminent rain began. Not long after getting the important stuff done the rain did start and it poured! Not wanting to waste our only night in Noosa we troopered on and got a taxi into Hastings Street. With the rain stubbornly carrying on we walked along in our raincoats looking for a restaurant to stop at. We opted for a Mexican place and ate our meal looking at the rain and now lighting as well. At this point I wasn’t feeling too optimistic about our trip – having been told it was rainy season I half expected the entire journey to be this bad.

However, after our meals we got a taxi back and had a relatively early night ready for a full day to explore Noosa in the daylight. Luckily the weather had some what improved. Although it was still grey and cloudy there were some patches of sunshine and no water falling from the sky.

That morning we packed up the campervan and drove to Tewantin where we had a quick look around the markets before catching the ferry that takes you down Noosa River to Noosa Heads and Hastings Street. Once at Hastings street we headed to the beach where mum and dad got to experience their first swim off an Australian Beach. After a while of playing throw and catch and swimming around we all realised that our skin was stinging, not knowing what it was we decided to get out and dry off. We later saw on the conditions board that sea-lice were present in the water. After we had dried off we decided to go on a hunt for wild Koalas through the national park. Not only did we eventually see a well-hidden Koala but we also saw a turtle and dolphins! 

We only intended on going on a brief walk in the national park but ended up walking all the way to Hell’s Gate and back, leaving us all hungry and thirsty. So we stopped at the Surf Club Bar and had a meal overlooking the beach.

From here we got the ferry back along the river to the Campervan and then started the 2 hour drive up to Hervey Bay.