The evening of Tuesday 24th January we were back in our campsite in Hervey Bay and quickly headed into the town for dinner. After our tasty meal and despite the darkness we thought we should see what the beach had to offer. Once on the beach we looked up to discover a beautiful clear sky full of stars. On the way back from the beach we spotted an adorable possum staring down at us so stopped to try and get a picture. We then went to the bottle-o to stock up on alcohol for the next week or so of our adventure and walked back to the campervan, knowing we had a long drive ahead of us the following day.

Early the following morning we headed down to the beach for one last look before our 12 hour drive up to Airlie Beach.

By 10am we were on our way!

I don’t have much to say about the journey up to Airlie Beach except that it was a long, tedious day.

But, after only 3 stops, almost 900km and over 12 hours we had made it! 

That evening we had a wholesome dinner in the nearby Maccers and went to bed feeling pretty exhausted but optimistic about the day we had planned for Australia Day!