The remainder of Australia Day was initially spent back at the campsite – showering, applying a generous amount of after sun and drinking wine as we relaxed after an already hectic day. But being on a tight schedule we wanted to make the most of all our time and so got ready and headed out to the main strip where the backpackers  could be found round every corner.

First of all we needed to eat so stopped at a restaurant away from all the buzzing clubs. I spent the start of my evening shivering despite the high 20’s due to my sunburn but a large pizza and heaps of water soon sorted me out.

After eating we found ourselves in an Irish bar along the main strip, where every pint of XXXX Gold got you a complimentary straw hat! Although the atmosphere was lovely and the alcohol was flowing we were all exhausted and spent much of the evening yawning. After mum and dad finished a jug of four X we admitted defeat and headed back to the campervan. 

Unfortunately that evening was our only opportunity to explore Airlie Beach as the next morning we were moving on up again, this time to Townsville.