At around 2pm we pulled into our campervan slot for the next night in Townsville, right next to Rowse Bay.

After such an eventful, action-packed start to the holiday I got fidgety having a relaxing day so Sam and I went for a stroll to see the bay and then chilled in the swimming pool for a while.

We decided it would be fun to use the free BBQ facilities that night and so went on a mission to find a woolworths. What we intended on being a short walk to the shops ended up being a couple of hours and 4.5 kms of walking. However, we got all the burgers, sausages and other food you could want and headed to a nearby bar to prepare ourselves for the long walk back. By this time it was starting to get late so we upped the walking speed. 

On our return journey we took a different route which took us up a hill to an Anzac memorial park. As we reached the top we were met with the start of a beautiful sunset and me and dad delayed our trip back by taking hundreds of pictures.

As we continued to walk the sun continued to set, giving us a constantly changing light show; each as impressive as the one before.

We walked past a bunch of mangrove trees on the edge of the bay as we got nearer to the campsite and heard bats getting louder and agitated. This could only mean that it was nearly time for their nightly migration. Mum and Sam were getting bitten alive by this point so went on ahead of us, but dad and I were determined to witness and capture this natural wonder. Unfortunately we were there too early and too few bats made the journey so we gave up on our efforts, still happy with the unexpected sunset we had seen.

By the time we all were reunited it was dark and we were all hungry so gathered everything we needed and headed to the BBQ area to get started. That night we all ate far too much food and after a few drinks back at the campervan called it a night.

4:45 the next morning

I was woken up by the sound of my alarm, which I had cunningly but downstairs from our bed the night before. After getting out of bed to turn it off I had no choice but to go through with my plan from the previous night – get up for sunrise. Dad got woken up as well so we headed down to the bay together. Although it was quite a clear morning all the clouds had gather exactly where the sun was going to rise. This meant that what should have been about 10 minutes of picture taking actually lasted about half an hour. Although the sunrise was no where near as spectacular as the sunset from the night before we still managed to get some nice pictures. 

The rest of the morning was spent showering, packing up and waiting for mum!

Eventually we were already to leave and off we went, for a day of waterfalls in the Atherton Tablelands before finally arriving in Port Douglas.

It was about an hour and a half into the journey that mum declared she left all her washing on the line in Townsville. But we carried on without it, hoping she had enough underwear to last the rest of the holiday.