On arrival in Port Douglas we were greeted by the friendly campsite staff who directed us into our pitch and warned us to use a torch at night because of the snakes. This gave me my first opportunity in over 6 months to use my headtorch! After quickly getting settled and changing clothes it was time to see what Port Douglas had to offer.

Having not ventured this far North in our last trip up the East Coast we had no idea what to expect. The campsite was just a short walk to the main strip and we all instantly decided we liked it. With heaps of clothing shops, bars, cafes and restaurants we planned on spending the following day doing some shopping and some drinking. But for the time being we just wanted some food! We decided on Rattle n Hum a bar and grill along the strip where I had a delicious plate of calamari. After eating we decided to walk to the port, unfortunately it was dark and there wasnt much to see. We decided to call it a night and head back to the campervan after a long day of Waterfalls and driving. 

The following morning we got up with no schedule or alarms and got ready at a calm pace. We considered going on a crocodile tour through the daintree river but decided against it opting for the beach, the shops and the bars. We strolled into the town and headed to the Markets that are on every Wednesday and Sunday. We came across a beautiful jewellery store with silver jewellery featuring beautiful stones, all hand crafted and therefore unique. I fell in love with a silver bangle that had a moonstone in the centre. Although mum and dad had already spent far too much on me they insisted on buying it as a 21st birthday present – it hasn’t been off my wrist since! After finishing off exploring the markets we headed to a bar for a cold drink as the heat was almost unbearable. Then it was time to explore some shops and try and find a present for my sister. We looked through loads of shops looking for jewellery or clothes she may like but my mind kept going back to the stall in the market where I got my bangle so we headed back and I ended up getting her the same bangle with a sister stone that suited her perfectly. After fulfilling my retail needs we headed back to the campsite where there was a private entrance to the four mile beach. As we walked across we were greeted by a sign warning us of both deadly crocodiles and tropical marine stingers. Luckily there was a section of beach with nets surrounding it giving everyone the chance to go swimming in the wavy sea. Expecting a refreshing dip in the ocean I was surprised to find the water was even warmer than outside, we were swimming in a wavy, salty bath tub!

Not feeling any cooler we headed to the shady pool in the campsite to get some relief from the scorching sun and luckily we found it. By the time we left the pool area it was almost time to head into the strip where the Australia Open tennis final was taking place. First we had just enough time for a couple of beers.

We headed to the bar we’d had a drink that morning to watch the game on the big screen and after a while of watching we ordered some food – I had my usual…pizza. The game went on for ages and gave me and mum enough time to have 2 bottles of wine. After watching Federer win we went back to the campervan to finish the alcohol before parting with it in Cairns the following afternoon.