On Saturday 28th we had a day of Waterfalls and swimming holes planned; from Townsville we made the 3 hour drive to our first stop – Josephine Falls. 

Because it was a Saturday there were cars everywhere and we weren’t optimistic about how much fun this stop would be. However, we eventually found a parking space and began the short rainforest walk to the falls. It was a really humid day which only added to the setting and as we got unbearably sweaty we arrived to the sound of rushing water. We chucked all our bags on a big rock, sam ran off ahead and I guided mum and dad to the water.

Having already been here on our first East Coast trip we new the basic rules of where to go and what to do and after briefly showing mum and dad how it’s done it was time to play. 

Josephine Falls is a waterfall broken down by 3 swimming holes. The top one is out of bounds (although people were still using it) the second one is rocky and the bottom one features a flat sloped rock where the water rushes down it. This creates the perfect natural rock slide in the middle of the rainforest.

After watching loads of young kids, groups of backpackers and aussies out for the day have a go it was time for us to have our turns!

Although there is lots of fun to be had in this natural playground there are also lots of dangers and if you plan on going do assess the area around you before going straight in. Strong currents, hidden rocks and over crowding can all create problems to yourself and others.

After playing in the waterfall and finding some vines to monkey around on we completed the rainforest walk and headed back to the campervan for some lunch.

Millaa Millaa Falls

You may not know it but chances are you’ve seen this waterfall. Featuring in Peter Andre’s Mysterious Girl music video and in the Herbal Essences advert where the hair flick became so popular it’s pretty famous in Australia and among tourists.

This single drop 18m waterfall is one of a few Waterfalls in close proximity, all accessible by one road called the waterfall circuit.

After getting some pictures standing on the edge of the water it was time to go for a swim. Whereas the water in Josephine Falls was pleasantly refreshing the water his was freezing! Once you’re in the best thing to do is fully submerge yourself in the water and swim, preferably under the waterfall to get a real idea of just how strong the flow is. After messing around and warming up a bit we started our mission to get the perfect hair flick. First up was sam, who some how managed to perfect it without even trying. Mum was next up and slightly less successful. Finally it was my turn, and after at least 10 attempts I gave up, disappointed in my efforts. As a last try we got in a line and attempted a team hair flick (it didn’t work too well!)

After Millaa Millaa we had a choice to make, head to Port Douglas early or go and explore some more Waterfalls… it was an obvious choice and we set out along the waterfall circuit to Zillie Falls. With no expectations we headed down the walking track to a lookout giving us an obstructed view of a bit of a waterfall. Not satisfied we followed a roughly made path down to the base. The path was steep and slippy with loose rocks and rubble and as a result Sam slipped and landed on his bum, back and shoulder with a thump. After Sam’s fall and Millaa Millaa falls the waterfall was much less impressive. But we were still optimistic and much less disappointed when we arrived at Ellinjaa Falls – our final waterfall of the day. This was basically the little brother of Millaa Millaa but still impressive.


On the drive from the waterfall circuit to Port Douglas we ventured along a road which folded around the hills and between the rainforest. This would have been a lot more excitin had we not been down to our last bit of fuel with no service stations nearby. Luckily we did manage to get to the campsite before any problems arose and we were told where the nearest station was for when we had to leave in two days time.