On Monday 6th February it was time to pack our backpacks (hopefully for the last time for 2 months) and make the journey from MacQuarie to Coogee. Although our room wasn’t going to be ready for us until around 6pm we arrived in Coogee at around half 10 so we could watch the Super Bowl. 

We set our bags down in Coogee Bay Hotel where heaps of people had come to watch the annual event. Having absolutely no interest in American Football and no idea how the game is played I went around the bars and restaurants in Coogee to hand out CV’s as our money was finally running low.

Typically, when you want something to end quickly it goes on for ages… as was the case for the Super Bowl which went to extra time for the first time in AFL history.

But eventually it did end, leaving us an entire afternoon to lay on the grassy patch by the beach until it was time to move in.

We had tortilla chips and salsa for lunch (healthy and classy, I know) and then moved under cover as the blue skies rapidly turned to grey. From here we sat and people watched as sunbathers, late afternoon exercisers, tightrope walkers and acroyogis came out to play providing a few final hours of entertainment while we waited.

Eventually the time came to lug our belongings the final 15 minute walk to our new home where we quickly got settled and connected to the wifi before a shower and sleep.