On Sunday 5th February we decided to make the most of the $2.50 train fares and make our way to Bondi Beach as the heatwave was hitting Sydney hard.

We set off with towels and sun cream in tow and eventually got to Bondi just in time for lunch. We treated ourselves to dominos (which is unbelievably cheap compared to the UK) and sat on the grass overlooking the famous beach.

After finishing our pizza we got a good spot on the sand and settled for the day. I went for a swim in the refreshing, wavy sea before returning to smother myself in suncream. 

With temperatures in the mid 30’s the beach was just as busy as we expected, filled with sunbathers, surfers, swimmers, skaters and just about every other kind of beach goer you can think of.

We sat and read our books; me LOTR and Sam GOT for hours until it came to our attention that we had been cooked – they don’t call it sunbaking for nothing! Then we got the bus back for a dinner of…more pizza.