After settling into our new home in Coogee it was time to take the long and beautiful coastal walk from to Bondi. We left at around 5pm with no set idea of how far we wanted to walk, just that we wanted to make the most of the clear, sunny evening.

The 6km walk takes you from Coogee Beach to Gordon’s Bay; a perfect spot for snorkeling and exploring rock pools. From here you walk past Clovelly beach and around to Bronte Beach. Once we arrived at Bronte we sat down for a while, watching everyone go about there afternoon beach activities before I insisted on continuing the walk. From Bronte you go to Tamarama; in between these two beaches there is a rocky area which is the perfect spot to sit and watch the good surfers ride some waves. From Tamarama it’s then just a small walk around the headland to Bondi past the Bondi Icebergs.

By the time we arrived at Bondi Beach it was around 7pm and all the ifeguards had started packing up for the day. We stopped here for a while to refill our water bottles and watch a tense game of beach volleyball. We were eager to get back before it got dark so didn’t hang around for too long. As we left Bondi the almost-full moon had started to rise, creating a beautiful view over North Bondi. Also as the sun had started to set there was a pink hue along the horizon looking out to sea which continued for most of our walk back.

What was supposed to be a quick walk home ended up being prolonged by me wanting to take photos of the wispy pink clouds and ever-changing orange skies along the way.

Waverley Cemetery is another part of the coastal walk  between Bronte and Coogee and because part of the coastal walk was damaged by the storms there is a detour which takes you through the cemetery. This in itself is an incredible view of thousands of intricate, white gravestones looking out into the blue ocean below.

We ended up getting back to Coogee at almost 9 that evening feeling a little sweaty, achey, hungry and with almost 200 photos to sift through on my camera. We got back to our apartment and relaxed, completing our journey…there and back again.

Here are the photos of Coogee to Bondi

Above: Waverely Cemetery 

Above: Bronte Beach

Above: the walk between Bronte and Tamarama

Above: Bondi Beach

And here are the photos from the walk back

 Above: North Bondi with the moon rising 

Above: the walk between Tamarama and Bronte

Above: Bronte Beach

Above: Sculpture by the Sea

Above: Waverley Cemetery