Having spent the majority of the past two weeks working I’ve had limited time to roam around the coast and breathe in the beautifully fresh sea breeze around Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

Therefore, when I realised I had three days off I decided to make the most of it. First of all I had a fair amount of sleep to catch up on; meaning our walk around South Coogee didn’t begin until the afternoon!

Wanting a slight change from our usual routine we headed South, away from the coastal walk from Coogee to Bondi and instead towards Maroubra. This walk takes you from Coogee Beach, past the various tidal pools including Wylie’s Baths. As much as the incredible blue sea and dramatic rock formations may be taking most of your attention don’t forget to look to your right at all of the impressive houses that have snatched front row seats for the coastal views. From more old fashioned styles to dramatically modern each house is serious goals when it comes to beach front locations.

After a while of walking just a few metres from the ocean the path turns you up into the streets and away from the coast; this part is quite a steep incline and much less attractive. Therefore this is where we called it a day and began to head back to Coogee for a dip in the tidal pool.