On Tuesday 28th February it was Sam’s 21st birthday and so I booked the day off work, we got up early and headed down to the beach front for Brunch (the first B of Birthday). After filling up on smashed avo (obvi) and poached eggs we got the bus to Bondi Junction and from there a transfer to Bondi Beach.

The weather forecast for the day left us expecting an entire day of rain, so when we got to the beach and were greeted by blue skies and hot weather we were pleasantly surprised. After a few hours at the beach (marking the second activity starting with B) we went on a mission to find me an outfit for the Opera House the following week; unfortunately this was unsuccessful and NOT how Sam wanted to spend his birthday. As we walked out of the final shop and got ourselves some frozen Sprites from Hungry Jack’s we were met with thick grey clouds and a down pour. Not wanting to sit on the soggy sand we took this as our cue to leave and return to the comforts of our room to get changed and start our afternoon adventure.

However, we stepped off the bus to Coogee and the sun had made an appearance, so back to the beach we went where we played a spontaneous game of Frisbee and enjoyed the afternoon sun. Then it was back to the apartment for a shower and an outfit change before the Birthday meal and some drinks.

After contemplating and assessing every menu and restaurant in Coogee we decided on Burger Barrel for a relatively cheap and easy meal. I chose the only vegetarian burger on the menu and for the first time in my memory couldn’t finish it because it was disgusting! But Sam had a great Burger (oh look, another thing beginning with B). Next up was Coogee Pavilion; every time we are in a close proximity to this place I have to make a conscious effort not to wander in there because it looks like so much fun! We sat up stairs just as the sun was setting, and got some Beers (B numero cuatro) while looking out towards the ocean.

Unfortunately I’m a bad girlfriend and get presents in the shape of food rather than actual wrapped up gifts, and also failed to get a cake. In fact I didn’t even get him a card!